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Public Offerings

This section carries several Open Source projects developed/maintained by Ger Hobbelt (github). This includes but is not limited to security, parser/compiler technology, spam filters and XML/HTML related materials, with a focus on cross-platform (Win32/UNIX) portability and modern Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) ports.

The public section might offer one or more things you crave. Check it out!

Private Peeks

You are lucky! You received an answer from a hebbut.net WebSlave and received an Access Key! Oh my! How thrilling this is... Well, don't hesitate, go for it! Peek your Private Peek!

Stock Data

Various basic stock data. (This is an older export/dump - up to june 2010 - of our v1.0 database tools: it's OHLC+V data for the EuroNext/Amsterdam stock exchange as far back as possible for the entire range of AEX/AMX/AScX stocks, stored in a Microsoft Excel file).

Random Thoughts

Various musings. Updated infrequently.

Audio Recording using Audacity

Quick guide how to install and use Audacity for voice recordings.

Public Offerings by Ger Hobbelt - available for download

(Note: you may also want to check github to see the most recent activity / ride the very bleeding edge.)

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CRM114 (at http://crm114.sourceforge.net/ ) related material. CRM114 is a generic language and filter tool, particularly suited for spam filtering, but can also be used to extract relevant information from other sources with high noise levels. (statistical filtering / Bayesian / Markovian / ...)


pavuk ( http://www.pavuk.org/ ) related material. PAVUK is a very sophisticated web spider, with some very nice configuration options. PAVUK goes on where wget et al throw the towel in the ring. ;-)


OpenSSL ( http://www.OpenSSL.org/ ) related material: MSVC2005 project files for building the DLLs and test apps. Full source code is included for rebuilding from source out of the box.


A tool which assists in generating Windows 32/64-bit DLLs for any Microsoft supported platform, making sure methods, functions and/or data items are exported without the need for duplicate maintenance of custom files or Microsoft-specific source code changes.

CreateDLL takes care of the bothersome maintenance of function and data 'exports' for each DLL, a task which previously required either updating a platform-and-target-specific .DEF file with each tiny API change and/or littering your header files with Microsoft-specific declspec(dllexport) prefixes, which you had better have wrapped inside some extra preprocessor macro magic to swap those out for declspec(dllimport) for any #include-ing user of your DLL code or you get to live in another world of hurt.

Originally CreateDLL was conceived as part of the OpenEXR ( http://www.openexr.com/ ) project and I thank the wizards at ILM from the bottom of my heart for this, as it enabled me to rid several large and small cross-platform library projects of all these declspec gimmicks, resulting in cleaner code throughout. If you haven't done any cross-platform C/C++ library development, you don't know what you've been missing out on. ;-)

Full source code is included for rebuilding from source out of the box.


OpenEXR ( http://www.openexr.com/ ) related material: MSVC2005 project files for building the DLLs and test apps. Full source code is included for rebuilding from source out of the box.


My own, slightly patched version of the PCCTS (Perdue Compiler Construction Tool Set) original developed by Terence Parr and currently maintained by Tom Moog. The official release is available at www.polhode.com.

The collection includes cperf 2.1a (patched version of the original cperf, a perfect hash generator, very handy for generating fast lookup tables for static keyword lists) and a few examples of PCCTS usage, including one of my own).

Sources, documentation, Visual C project files and binaries are available for download.

Also available: btyacc+flex and iburg/lburg sources + win32 binaries.

ADC database dumper

(ADC = Advanced Disk Catalog)

Sources and binary of a tool you can use to dump Advanced Disk Catalog database files. I reverse engineered the database file format and now, finally, you can dump the complete database contents to .CSV file for easy import into other databases and tools.


CSStidy ( http://csstidy.sourceforge.net/ ) related material. CSSTIDY is a CSS optimizer / reformatting / cleanup tool. It is available as an executable file and as PHP script. Note that I only offer derived 32/64-bit Windows builds & MSVC project files plus source code here. For the original goods, please visit the SF site.

Contrasting most other CSS parsers, no regular expressions are used, allowing CSSTidy to offer full CSS2 support and a higher reliability.

If a high compression is not important for you, you can also use CSSTidy to format or fix CSS code for improved browser compatibility.

lib: TRE

TRE (at http://www.laurikari.net/tre/ ) regex library copy/port. Used with CRM114, pavuk, and other projects.

lib + tool: HTMLtidy

HTMLtidy (at http://tidy.sourceforge.net/ ) library and 'tidy' tool copy/port. HTMLtidy can be used to process any HTML input and reformat and fix it to conform to modern standards, including XHTML and XML. HTMLtidy is particularly useful to produce W3C standards compliant web sites and (X)HTML output which can be machine-parsed, i.e. manipulated by other HTML/XML tools.

This patched version can be used as-is on any platform (UNIX, Windows); a second use is with the .NET HTMLtidyWrapper library available here.

HTMLtidyWrapper for .NET

A .NET (2.0) wrapper library which allows any .NET code to use the powerful features offered by HTMLtidy.

lib: ZLIB

zlib (at http://www.zlib.net/ ) compression library copy/port. Used with OpenSSL, OpenEXR, pavuk, and other projects.


uncrustify ( http://uncrustify.sourceforge.net/ ) related material. UNCRUSTIFY is a code reformatting / cleanup tool, with some very nice configuration options.

For all those former GNU indent lovers (yes, I have been in love too, you know) and anyone running into (or, yucky you, joining!) the Coding Standard Enforcement Corps. Derelict individuals may consider using it both ways for a change: converting code towards your own preferences, thus speeding up your development by keeping off a large pack of Agony Sisters, and when done, converting it back again so the CSEC cannot throw their book at ya. ;-)


Microsoft Windows XCACLS related material: a patched version of the VBS script and an accompanying .BAT batchfile plus the Microsoft TAKEOWN.EXE tool - this version includes extra features, compared to the original, to ignore errors and force ownership for 'Administrators' using the TAKEOWN tool for those extremely stubborn cases where you can't seem to get proper access rights and ownership, e.g. when you are trying to clean up a hard disk retrieved from a destroyed system (which has, of course, different and - to this system - unknown ownership), which would otherwise cause 'Access Denied' and other error reports when you try to read, copy or delete content (files and/or directories).

(Updated: 2010/05/08)

CAT for 3D Studio MAX

Material related to CAT (moving it from other places on my sites to this arena for now - maybe I'll move it to another place when I find that more suitable).

Misc Stuff

Miscellaneous source code. An assortment of libraries and code blurbs for re-use.

Fix for Problem:
Windows printer spooler not
working, even after reboot

A fix for when your printer spooler crashed (reported a failure) and doesn't want to start again after rebooting and/or you cannot print anything any more.

Fix for Problem:
Cannot login / connect / use
the Interactive Brokers
IB/TWS Workstation off-line
application when using
ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

Problem description and fix applied to the ZoneAlarm Free Firewall application for Microsoft Windows; approach and solution is also applicable to other firewalls / platforms which allow the user to define custom Trusted Zones, i.e. IP ranges which should not be firewalled.