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OpenSSL (for MSVC2005/Win32)

OpenSSL ( http://www.OpenSSL.org/ ) related material.


You may need the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (SP1) C/C++ run rime libraries too if you get error messages about manifest files, etc. (This is NOT the .NET Microsoft redistributable!)

Get the installer for the runtime libraries from Microsoft itself.

OR: try this local copy of the same (as was distributed with the MSVC2005 SP1 setup which was used to create the executable[s] above.

How to build and install OpenSSL from source

For UNIX, please refer to the OpenSSL web site for further documentation.

And on the Windows platform...

... you must have Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (SP1) installed; open the OpenSSL 'sln' solution in the 'i_a_win32' directory and build. Presto.

Now comes with complete MSVC2005 debuggable DLLs and project files

The MSVC2005 project files are located with the globbed test app in the subdirectory


These projects produce 3 DLLs for various build targets (only 32-bit i86 targets have been tested!); two DLLs are very similar to the dynamic loadable libraries produced by the OpenSSL makefiles on UNIX, while the third DLL (*util.dll) contains all the test and demo applications that come with OpenSSL as functions, which can be used by monolithic test apps, such as i_a_win32.exe: this is a one-app-fits-all wrapper around all the test apps, including the ones that were originally not included in the original 'openssl' wrapper test app.

All DLLs and executables are written to the


directory (note: project files are still not finished in this regard, see notes/warnings below).



This is highly experimental stuff, despite the fact that it has already existed for close to 5 years now - but right now the project is in flux as the applications I am using this for are being migrated to another build environment which should support both 32- and 64-bit builds out of the box. The OpenSSL project files have been patched for this, but testing is not yet completed, so expect some (minor) changes.

Also note that the DLLs produced by this setup may export a few more functions than the loadable libraries do on UNIX.

... and you'll need the zlib code too, if you want to build from source out of the box.


Each release comes with an up-to-date NEWS and ChangeLog text document in each 'src' archive. Some of these are also provided on-line for immediate perusal; see the 'Notes' column in the download table.


Note: the 7z (7zip) downloads are strongly advised as those will be faster to download (and smaller too). For anyone who does not want to use 7zip for compelling religious reasons (like alarmingly restrictive enforced company policies), we provide a .tar.bz2 file as an alternative for some files. Click on the "bz2" links instead to download these - when available.


Downloadable archives / files

Compiles on:
Files / Archives Date/Time Quality Notes

Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft Visual StudioGNUUNIXLinux Penguin

Open SourceMicrosoft Visual StudioGNUUNIXLinux Penguin Microsoft Windows64-bit Microsoft Windows (Intel Itanium)65-bit Microsoft Windows - AMD64 openssl-0.9.9.SVN.20080407.7z

plus zlib support source code:

Open SourceMicrosoft Visual StudioGNUUNIXLinux Penguin Microsoft Windows64-bit Microsoft Windows (Intel Itanium)65-bit Microsoft Windows - AMD64 libzlib-

2008-??-?? Beta no-asm source + binaries for debugging in MSVC

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package

You'll need to install this if you cannot run the compiled executables on your Windows platform:

Microsoft Windows (Win32: 32-bit Windows) Microsoft.Visual.Studio.2005.SP1.Redistributable.Package.(x86).exe

64-bit Microsoft Windows (Intel Itanium) (IA64 / Itanium: 64-bit Windows) Microsoft.Visual.Studio.2005.SP1.Redistributable.Package.(IA64).exe

65-bit Microsoft Windows - AMD64 (x64 / AMD64: 64-bit Windows) Microsoft.Visual.Studio.2005.SP1.Redistributable.Package.(x64).exe

2008-05-24 Production Mirror from Microsoft.