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Problem: Windows printer spooler doesn't run; you cannot print anything

The Problem

A combination of several of these:

The Solution

Disclaimer/cop out: It's no guarantee this'll work for you, but chances are rather high it will. If it's doesn't, then I guess you're up the creek with no paddle.

Note: On Vista and Windows 7 systems you must run the batch file available below as administrator. That happens when you single-click on the extracted .bat batchfile, then follow with a right-button (mouse-click) to get the popup menu over the batch file where one of the items should say 'Run as Administrator'. Unless, of course, you're on a corporate network/machine and your local sysadmin didn't allow you to do this. In that case, your local helpdesk folks have to help you out.

Warning: You may have to run this batchfile a second time to make sure all files in the listed 'printers' directory are indeed gone.

What happened is that the spooler service (which is responsible for feeding your print jobs to your printer(s)) choked, fatally. I am not sure whether this is a spooler service or a printer driver issue (or both). Fact is that our friend the spooler service doesn't want to play when it finds files in the spool directory that are unaccounted for (thanks to its own crashing/failing on us).

Hence, the solution is to at least delete those spool files, which represent our old print jobs. Yes, that also means, once we're back running like we should, we lost all pending print jobs, so you'll have to issue those again. Sorry.

The above is largely based on these bits of info: