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ADC (Advanced Disc Catalog) database dumper/exporter utility

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(c) 2003-2004 - ADC Dumper is a Win32 console app (C++ source included), which can dump ADC (Advanced Disk Catalog: http://www.elcomsoft.com/adc.html) catalogue database files (*.CAT) to CSV (Comma Separated Value) text files for easy importing into other databases and tools. This tool solves the problem of a total lack of proper EXPORT functionality in ADC 1.48 (and older releases).


Every file, directory, archive and volume is dumped in separate lines in the CSV file to allow you to filter the exported (dumped) data quickly and easily to different database tables upon import. The CSV file also will retain the structure of the ADC database by using ReferenceIDs numbers which link elements together (files inside directories, directories in volumes, ...). Naturally the CSV output is configurable (included fields, order of dumped fields and a few other related items).

Also included in this archive is the source for a relevant VC6/VC7(.NET) plug-in for the Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger so you'll be able to look at the human-readable representation of various custom objects in the debugger, so no more need to open those 'structs' and 'classes' and discern the actual meaning of their current content.

This application has been released under the GNU Public License (GPL).

DISCLAIMER: Beta-testers have tested adc_dumper on many of their ADC files and no known problems remain. Versions 1.0b to 1.0d are deliverables triggered by user requests. Meanwhile, I have also fixed the issues that were located through multiple code reviews. Nevertheless, if you would detect an issue with adc_dumper (or want to send a user request for a next release), please don't hesitate to contant me.

NEW: version includes a VERY SIGNIFICANT memory usage improvement which allows you to dump CATalog files of arbitrary size while using less than 70MByte RAM! This sharply contrasts with previous versions, which required a multiple of the CATalog size in free RAM. In short: now you can finally dump those 300+ MByte CATalog files on your regular desktop machine!

Want to know more about the things that have changed/improved with the versions? See adc_dumper-

Latest release: v1.0.3.9