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UNCRUSTIFY code cleaner / reformatter

uncrustify ( http://uncrustify.sourceforge.net/ ) related material. UNCRUSTIFY is a code reformatting / cleanup tool, with some very nice configuration options.

For all those former GNU indent lovers (yes, I have been in love too, you know) and anyone running into (or, yucky you, joining!) the Coding Standard Enforcement Corps. Derelict individuals may consider using it both ways for a change: converting code towards your own preferences, thus speeding up your development by keeping off a large pack of Agony Sisters, and when done, converting it back again so the CSEC cannot throw their book at ya. ;-)


None, except some fixups for the ./configure script, Makefiles and MSVC2005 project/solution files, so you can produce both UNIX and Win32/Win64/Itanium native binaries.


Note: the 7z (7zip) downloads are strongly advised as those will be faster to download (and smaller too). For anyone who does not want to use 7zip for compelling religious reasons (like alarmingly restrictive enforced company policies), we provide a .tar.bz2 file as an alternative for some files. Click on the "bz2" links instead to download these - when available.


Downloadable archives / files

Compiles on:
Files / Archives Date/Time Quality Notes

Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft Visual StudioGNUUNIXLinux Penguin

Open SourceMicrosoft Visual StudioGNUUNIXLinux Penguin uncrustify-0.50.20081101T1835.src.7z (full source code + MSVC project files, etc.)

Microsoft Windows64-bit Microsoft Windows (Intel Itanium)65-bit Microsoft Windows - AMD64 uncrustify-0.50.20081101T1835.Win32.7z (binaries + documentation)

2008-11-01 Beta -

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package

You'll need to install this if you cannot run the compiled executables on your Windows platform:

Microsoft Windows (Win32: 32-bit Windows) Microsoft.Visual.Studio.2005.SP1.Redistributable.Package.(x86).exe

64-bit Microsoft Windows (Intel Itanium) (IA64 / Itanium: 64-bit Windows) Microsoft.Visual.Studio.2005.SP1.Redistributable.Package.(IA64).exe

65-bit Microsoft Windows - AMD64 (x64 / AMD64: 64-bit Windows) Microsoft.Visual.Studio.2005.SP1.Redistributable.Package.(x64).exe

2008-05-24 Production Mirror from Microsoft.